Blockchain Based Cross Reality Platform

Angelium is the next generation blockchain based cross reality entertainment platform over real world and virtual world.  VR & AR is the next frontier of humanity and Angelium shows the new horizon to connect virtual to real, people to people beyond any kind of borders.

Proof of rendering & Streaming

Angelium original blockchain

To realize seamless 3DCG content has been always struggle. Angelium blockchain which is invented by the 3DCG creator of the movie Matrix, provide the innovative solution. it connect the peers to peers to share the computation of 3DCG.  It empowers non-high spec computers such as mobiles , tablet and Standalone VR. 

X Avatar

Digital Human from Real Human

Angelium’s avatar is created by over 140 high-res cameras shooting from 360 degrees around the model. then it is reconstructed as 3D photorealistic model.


The future is only a click away

Angelium’ metaverse is created by the series of the latest technology through 3DCG and virtual reality. The user can experience multiple cross reality contents within.

AR Wallet

Your passport to step into the world of Angelium

XWallet is the next generation virtual wallet not only to manage digital assets but also allows user to experience AR – Augmented reality.


Cross reality digital asset

ANL is the digital asset which represent the value and ownership of Angelium , the payment solution throughout the virtual world and real world , the source of ecosystem over entire cross reality platform.