Blockchain based cyber sexual platform

White Paper

Founder / Author:

Rio Takeshi Kubo


Co-Founder :

Brett Hartshorn / Julio Andres / Katsuhiro Kataoka


Translation :

Angelium volunteer



    1. Original text
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    3. Angelium Executive Committee


    1. Global Adult Industry
    2. Japan, Korea, and China market domination
    3. Japanese adult content


    1. Problem of Forced Participation
    2. Market Decrease Because of Piracy
    3. Absence of underlying measures​
    4. Risks on user side
    5. Conclusion


    1. Project Outline
    2. Blockchain and Related Application Fields
    3. Cybersex : The future of the adult industry


    1. Virtual world 『ANGELIUM』Cryptocurrency 『ANL』
    2. 『Angel』『Angel Avator』
    3. 『Angel Token』
    4. Response to next-generation devices
    5. Usage of a Real-world Payment
    6. Matching partners


    1. Online / In the virtual world
    2. Offline / In the real world


    1. Proof of work by proprietary technology
    2. Applied technology of Mandelbrot
    3. P.O.W. Ecosystem
    4. Angelium Wallet
    5. Development of function list
    6. Technical road map


    1. Solutions to the current situation
    2. Solutions for liquidity
    3. Social role and contribution

  • ABOUT ICO 09

    1. About Genesis Donator
    2. About ICO
    3. ICO schedule
    4. Breakdown of initial share
    5. Basic information
    6. Exchange policy
    7. Fund allocation
    8. Notation during the ICO period
    9. Donator's privileges


    1. ANGELIUM Executive Committee
    2. Core members


    1. Basic Concept
    2. About virtual currency
    3. Technical aspects


    1. Vocabulary
    2. Reference


1. Original Text

The original text of this white paper is in English, the other language  versions are the reference material translated by the external volunteer translation team to help widen the understanding of the project. If there are differences in meaning between the English version and the translated version, the meaning of the English version shall prevail.

2. Legal Disclaimer

This document was prepared for informational purposes only and does not guarantee the accuracy or completion of the content provided. In addition, this document and the information in it doesn’t constitute an offer of securities, invitation or solicitation for investment purposes.

It is not intended to be approved or reviewed by regulatory authorities, nor does it imply that the relevant laws and regulations have been overlooked by publishing and distributing this white paper. Those interested in participating in or donating t the Angelium project outlined in this document, should have a full understanding of its contents well before taking any action. We strongly recommend everyone to seek an expert advice. 

3. Angelium Executive Committee

This document follows the goals of the Angelium Team Members, with the help of  NO BORDERS Corporation, a company established under the law of the Republic of the Seychelles, a British Commonwealth member. 

This white paper mainly explains the mechanism of Angelium platform based on application of original block chain technology. With the funds obtained in out Pre-sale and ICO we plan to fully commit to the operation and development of this platform. In the near future, if permitted by law, we will establish a strong foundation in the most suited country. Our aim is to promote a healthy and respectful development of the adult industry in the world, and make it transparent, efficient, and profitable for everyone involved.


1. Global Adult Industry

The adult content market in the world is worth over 97 billion USD . Its market size surpasses gaming market of 77.7 billion USD and the film market of 36.5 billion USD.

The following market research data shows that Internet has had a huge influence on the industry growth. 

  • 12% of all sites on the Internet are adult sites. Total number of 246 million sites.
  • 25% of the content (68 million) on the search engines, is related to adult images.
  • 35% of all downloads on the Internet are adult related.
  • Approximately $3,075.64 is spent per second on adult content.
  • 22,825 people watch adult videos per second.
  • 8% of all e-mails which is 2.5 billion includes adult content each day
  • In the United States, the market value of a No.1 porn star is worth 30 Million USD, which has twice the market value of the country’s top female artists.
2. Japan, Korea, and China market domination

Japan, Korea, and China are dominating the adult entertainment industry with 73.7 billion USD market size, which is 76% of the total global market. 

China accounted for 27.1 billion USD alone (28%), Korea second with 26.1 billion USD (27%)followed by Japan 20.3 USD (21%).

3. Japanese adult content

In these Asian markets, most of the content (estimated to be over 90%) mainly comes from Japan. Mr. Andrew Brown, a prominent international journalist talks about the appeal of Japanese adult content. “In recent years, adult content from Japan has become very popular in the West and in all of Asia. Main reason being astonishing beauty of Japanese porn starts that Asians find familiar and the rest find very exotic”


1. Forced Appearance of AV Actresses in Adult Videos

In March of 2016, International Human Rights NGO announced that in Japan significant amount of women reported to have been misled into appearing in adult videos. It has become an important social problem that made the Government of Japan issue a warning to such agencies to improve their business practices.

In addition to fundamental morality issue, these circumstances occurred as a result of a decrease in Japan’s adult video industry, which led to decline in revenue and earnings in recent years.

2. Market Decrease Because of Piracy

The creative content industries worldwide are forced to face a tough battle against the Piracy problem (pirate board and illegal upload), and for the online video, damages were 160 billion USD in the year of 2013. It is projected to reach a maximum of 644 billion USD by 2020. Also, 25% to 30% of them are said to be adult video content, and it is one of the most badly damaged areas in the motion picture area of Piracy. 

According to a survey conducted by a major player in the industry, there are illegal sites downloading new and popular films from the official source 10 million times per month. If one videos was priced at three dollars, that would mean 30 million in loses for the company that directed and produced the content

Due to these illegal sites, the sales of adult videos in Japan has been dramatically decreasing each year, thus decreasing the pay for actresses. Just a few years ago, there were cases of top porn actresses being paid nearly a million USD per shoot, now it has fallen to about one tenth of that amount.

3. Absence of underlying measures

Many in the industry are concerned about losing paying users, and as a result there’s a low competition between companies to produce a valuable content. This could mean the demise of the industry as a whole, as it’s impossible to track down every stolen content on the internet, because the cost of any measures o do so is often very high. These factors affect the people who are trying to keep this industry alive, and there is a strong need to create new sources of revenue. 

4. Risks on Consumer’s Side

There are many reasons why such illegal sites are established, and it’s not just because they want to provide free content. Many expose their users to various risks such as: one-click fraud, fake software distribution, tampering with information and malicious cyber attacks.

Ultimately, by using thee sites, users not only indirectly participate in the destruction of adult industry, but also put themselves at risk. This is not a healthy ecosystem, and that’s the reason we came up with ALGELIUM. 

5. Conclusion

Despite the situation outlined above, in Japan, there are as many as 2,000 adult videos produced and 500 AV actresses debuting each year.  Japanese AV the leader in all of Asia, it’s future decline will have a huge influence on Asian market. 

On the other spectrum of opinion, there are people in opposition to this industry, and they view it as having many risks and problems associated with it. However, compared to Japan, 100 times more rape cases occur in the United States, and 50 times more in South Korea. Compared to these countries, Japan is more tolerant and accepting to sex industry, which indirectly contributes to fewer sex crime against women. For example, after the world War 2, Japan decided to ban prostitution and rap cases jumped 1.5 percent. This made the Japanese government change their stance on this regulation. 

In conclusion, it can be said that what is currently required is not a complete eradication of the industry but “an innovative solution”. The adult industry exists because for many it’s a release of stress from everyday life. It is deeply rooted in the human sexual desire, and the numbers don’t lie. It’s a huge market with high rates, and what it needs right now is innovation to produce major profits to help the industry grow even bigger.

We propose Angelium project, a complex new technology, to the world’s market as one of its “innovative solutions” to this existing problem. 


1.Project Outline

“Angelium Project” presents concrete solutions for each stage and the two innovative technologies that we’ve developed deals with the problems we are facing today.”Angelium Blockchain‘ with hybridized streaming and 3D image rendering, and “Angelium Wallet” which enables full private internet access to animations, streaming and chat. With these new technologies we’ll have a new generation of interactions. Angelium – The Virtual World Platform will provide a richer sexual experience in the real world, and also promote “Cybersex” by connecting content provider and users, creating an exciting, healthy new community and ecosystem. In the following sections, we’ll discuss our project in full details.

2. Block chain and related application fields

One of the latest trends in ICT and the financial industry, “FinTech” is said to change the financial business altogether. However, at the first glance it was regarded as irrelevant in the financial field It aim is to use technology to provide advanced financial services. Block chain is undeniably the technology that is receiving the most attention. 

Bitcoin has appeared in public’s eye quite a lot in recent years, and Block Chain, as a technology that supports it gained publicity along the way as well. Many have found that it can be applied to a wide range of industries and applications. Huge impact that Block Chain brings to businesses, has a lot of companies worldwide paying close attention. We also see the tremendous potential Block Chain can have on AV industry, and are we are doing our best to bring about changes and new services.

3. Cybersex : The future of adult industry

In this section, we will take a look at the future of Adult Industry and how it’ gonna be changed due to upcoming innovative technologies. British scholar Dr. Ian Pearson and popular magazine “Bondara Report” make the following predictions for the future of adult industry:

  • By 2030 most people will experience virtual sex.
  • By 2030, VR contact lenses will become more common.
  • By 2030, recording and collecting feeling of sex will become possible.
  • In 2050, sex with a robot will be more common.

We will go into details with these interesting predictions here:

“By 2030, VR contact lenses will become more common, making it possible to display high resolution graphics directly on the retina instead of a large headset.”

In other words, users will be able to display their ideal sex partner in the physical world, and be able to create the imagined circumstances in front of them and enjoy it, thus connecting virtual with real.

“Mutual link with nerve means that you can record the feeling of the best sex with data of the experience of the nerve and it becomes possible to reproduce it including the skin feeling etc.”

“It makes it possible to have sex with feeling, for example, a lover in a long distance”

It means not only visual but also all five senses and “pleasure” will be available through the device.

“Currently, people are already using sex dolls that can recognize speech”

“The closer the artificial intelligence develops to the human level, the closer it is to having emotions. “

“Since the appearance of the robot can be customized, you can created your ideal partner.”

This means that in the physical world, not virtual space, Robots/droids will also be used as a means to satisfy human sexual desire.

Already available on the market, adult VR has grown rapidly, and various next generation devices are being studied and tested. The future as described above is not too far away. 

In this project, specialists in each field of “① adult industry”, “② block chain application technology” and “③ Cybersex” are gathered to bring these great ideas together and create something unique.


1. Virtual world ANGELIUM』Cryptocurrency ANL』

Angelium is a generic term for the multifunctional OtoO platform to realize “Cybersex” which is the next generation adult industry built on original block chain technology. The user possesses his own wallet “Angelium Wallet” and accesses “virtual space ANGELIUM” from there. The basis of all economic activities in “Space ANGELIUM” is based on the virtual currency Angelium (currency symbol: ANL), and users can use ANL to enjoy services related to various cybersex services online and offline as well.

2. 『Angel』『Angel Avator』

Resident” Angel “exists in” virtual space ANGELIUM “. “Angel” is a presence pegged by a real person (such as a prominent sexy actress). “Angel” is an image of a real person through Angelium Ver. 1.0 – 2.0, and it’s only possible to interact with the real person, however in Ver. 3.0 users will be able to make 3D avatar from their favorite “Angels”, and in Ver. 3.5, users can get a feeling of being in the virtual world ANGELIUM together with “Angel” by using the VR device.

3. 『Angel Token』

Each “Angel avatar” is composed of it’s own token called “Angel token”, and the token has a name based on real Angel. Technically “Angel token” functions as an ANL child token. The user buys “Angel token” issued by each angel with ANL, thereby enabling to receive various services provided by “Angel avatar” and various services of real angel in the “real world”.


  • There is an Angel called Sarah. In the real world there is a girl with the same name.
  • In the virtual world ANGELIUM there is a 3D Angel avatar, “SARAH”.
  • Angel Avatar “SARAH” is composed of tokens called Sarah token (SL).
  • Lets say 1 ANL = 10 ST as an example.
  • By purchasing SL, the user can do the following as an example:

(Online = Virtual World)

  • 100ST:Have an Angel Avatar “SARAH” in user’s 3D space Wallet.
  • 1ST: Purchase a virtual lingerie/clothing for “SARAH”.
  • 200ST: User can increase the variation of 3D actions of “SARAH”.
  • 500 ST: “SARAH” can call the user by his name recorded by the real world girl ‘SARAH’
  • ’By purchasing Sarah tokens, users can upgrade their own “SARAH” functions and sex content.
  • In the future, “SARAH” will be equipped with AI, allowing complex mutual exchanges.
  • (Offline = Real World)
  • 100 thousand ST: User can enjoy private webcam chat with Sarah.
  • 200 thousand ST: Take Sarah on a dinner date.
  • 1 million ST: Spend the whole day with Sarah.
4. Response to next-generation devices

In the near future, it will be possible to obtain smell and other sensations by connecting to sensory devices, and we’ll incorporate these technologies to further expand our range of services.

5. Usage of a real-world payment

By collaborating with numerous companies related to adult industry in each country, ANL can be used as a means of payment in various offline and digital transactions. As a result, the value of ANL will rise as the opportunities for the coin to be used in the real world increases along with liquidity.

6. Matching Partners

The functions of “Angelium Wallet” is not limited to streaming and chat. There’s gonna be free live streams and paid private chat with Angels. In the future, we will develop a sexy dating application. 


1. Online / In the Virtual World
  • When producing Angel avatar, Angel who satisfies certain conditions such as popularity, can obtain license fee from avatar production.
  • The revenue will be generated when paid services mentioned above are consumed.
  • When users purchase various items related to Angel in the virtual store, their revenue is shared with them.
  • Content holders / brands can benefit by having stores in the virtual space and selling attractive virtual products.
  • Content holder will earn revenue when paid content (video, streaming, etc.) is consumed by users.
  • In the live streaming, Angels can earn revenue with digital gifts sent by users. Additionally, Angels can offer more services like private chat, private date etc.
  • Child tokens are in prepaid model, Angels can receive revenue by issuing their token to users. 
2. Offline / In the Real World
  • Angels can earn revenue with the users purchasing their services (public meeting, private meeting, etc.).
  • Angels / Content holders can create a physical merchandise and earn revenue.
  • When used as a means of payment in various stores related to the adult industry, the transaction fees will create the revenue.
  • Matching function will be a premium feature.  Subscription will be required when the user asks for further communication with their favorite angel.   


1. Original Proof-of-Work

Our Crypto currency ANL has a new Proof-of-Work function to realize the virtual world ANGELIUM. “Work” means computation of mesh and texture for constructing 3D virtual space, streamed in on-demand format by peer network. The remuneration for Work means that ANL is generated and granted to players who calculated the new area. The virtual world ANGELIUM is constructed based on the Mandelbrot fractal, and Proof-of-Work is applied when new calculations, higher resolution calculations, etc. are done.

2. Advanced technology of Mandelbrot

The Mandelbrot set is a two-dimensional complex fractal. The calculation of advanced details in 3D space requires high computational complexity and long time, so creating Mandelbrot geometry and texture is considered Proof-of-work.

We streamed in on-demand format from the peer network, or (2) computed in the local environment is transmitted on the network and authenticated and cached for others, so that Mandelbrot geometry and texture operations are performed We developed a perfect peer-to-peer model aimed at being revealed.

If unknown areas of the Mandelbrot game map are searched by players, they will compute the mesh and texture of those areas in the local environment. Those data are cached and, if authenticated by the peer network, ANL is given as a Proof-of-Work reward. For other Proof-of-Work systems, where the query is quick and easy, in Angelium’s model, the peer network needs to do equal work to authenticate each new part of the Mandelbrot set.

We will solve this problem by basic heuristics, image analysis, machine learning. The Mandelbrot fractal in 3D space is composed for each part, and each part is rewarded by ANL. Mandelbrot contains huge fractal spaces such as people in 3D space, their details, body parts, additional items such as clothes and accessories, buildings, and so on.

Like, which has succeeded by selling land over a long period of time over land that is easily modifiable and perfectly scriptable in virtual space, we have a rich virtual sex experience We sell all necessary elements in Mandelbrot fractal space.

3. P.O.W. Eco-system

While users almost unconsciously enjoy this virtual space, they are contributing to the development of the virtual space using their computation processing and the resources of Bandwitch, new ANL will be issued to those users as a reward. It create the sustainable ecological system. Especially for users with low-spec devices, you will be able to feel the benefits compared to conventional rendering.

4. Angelium Wallet

Angelium Wallet is crypto currency wallet with industry’s first private web browsing, Peer to Peer video streaming, Peer to Peer 3D rendering capabilities. With full security, wallet provides the users private and safe web browsing. Payment will be fulfilled seamlessly for various contents in virtual world.  

With our technology, browsing speed rises considerably more than ever and it also reduces the burden on the server and reduce the cost.

The matching dating function of walled enable user to encounter other users who are interested in dating. With paying ANL user can start interact with them privately by webcam chat. 

The basic functions of the wallet are as follows

  • 3D Virtual world integration 
  • Live streaming
  • User matching / web cam chat
  • Content browsing
  • Digital store 
5. Development function

The technologies and services that Angelium offers at this stage are as follows.

  • Development of original Angelium block chain based on Litecoin block chain and issue of virtual currency Angelium (currency symbol: ANL) using it.
  • Development of an adult content platform applying Angelium block chain technology and design of a series of services accompanying it.
  • Research and expansion of Proof-of-Work applying Mandelbrot.
  • Mining by GPU, CPU, ASIC.
  • Creation of a child token “Angel token” pegged with ANL.
  • Provide settlement methods using ANL in existing adult industry.
  • Unique Angelium wallet with access technology to closed services.
  • “Virtual space ANGELIUM” accessible from Angelium Wallet.
  • Coin deposit insurance function.
  • Streaming access function by webcam.
  • 5 year security maintenance guarantee.
  • Wallet support on Windows, Mac, Linux, android, iOS.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux Taskbar integration.
  • “Angel avatar” composition by 3D animated scan and modeling.
  • Introduction of game logic and animation by Python.
  • Introduction of voice function in “Angel avatar”.
  • Autonomous control of “Angel avatar” by AI.

Angelium Wallet is crypto currency wallet with industry’s first private web browsing, Peer to Peer video streaming, Peer to Peer 3D rendering capabilities. With full security, wallet provides the users private and safe web browsing. Payment will be fulfilled seamlessly for various contents in virtual world.  

With our technology, browsing speed rises considerably more than ever and it also reduces the burden on the server and reduce the cost.

The matching dating function of walled enable user to encounter other users who are interested in dating. With paying ANL user can start interact with them privately by webcam chat. 

The basic functions of the wallet are as follows

  • 3D Virtual world integration 
  • Live streaming
  • User matching / web cam chat
  • Content browsing
  • Digital store 
6. Technical roadmap

The development schedule of the Angelium platform at the present stage is scheduled as follows.

  • 2017.11: Project launch, core system design launch
  • 2017.12: Study of Angelium block chains and P.O.W.
  • 2018.01: Development of the wallet after sucessesfull testing
  • 2018.02: Development of Angelium and Wallet with 3D visual integration
  • 2018.03: Completion of virtual currency Angelium 1.0 and Angelium wallet 1.0
  • 2018.04: The above grant and V 2.0 beta testing
  • 2018.05: v2.0. Child token peg function implementation. Streaming function.
  • 2018.06: Digital, physical e-commerce function implementation
  • 2018.07: Angel avatar beta testing
  • 2018.08: 3D virtual space beta testing
  • 2018.09: v3.0 Implementation of 3D virtual space
  • 2018.10: Angel avatar audio testing
  • 2018.11: Angel avatar A.I. function equipped testing
  • 2018.12: v3.5 Cyber Sex Extension


1. Solutions for current situation

All the services we create are built on Block Chain, which makes the content on our platform unaffected by pirated copies or illegal uploads. For content providers currently suffering from a decline in profitability due to these causes, we will create a new revenue stream with non-replicable content. The next-generation 3D solution to today’s problems will erase various physical and mental risks that has been accompanying some of the content that human beings have created in the past.There’s a high possibility that 2D digital content will be diluted in the future, but the new Oto0 field that we’re working on has a high potential to provide prosperous economic and corporate relationships for content providers and other involved. 

2. Solutions for Liquidity

The biggest problem when a new virtual currency appears in the market is the fact that most of the users can not use them in real life. Almost all human beings have sexual desires, and with ANL they can satisfy these desires on a daily basis. Since ANL has a strong mechanism behind it: allowing users to use the currency online and offline, makes it a coin that is in demand, which naturally increases the liquidity. 

3. Social role and contribution

Angelium aims to make adult industry safer and more profitable. We want to protect the women involved, who are putting themselves in the hand of unethical companies, and gather supporters of new innovative technologies, and maximize the value of AV content. 

Many women in Adult Industry re socially misled, have low incomes, and are forced in poor countries. We want to create a safe environment in which everyone benefits and we’ll slowly transition to the next generation of Sex Industry. 


1. About Genesis Donator

A person who is willing to contribute to the development and operation of this platform is called an investor. ANL doesn’t have a set value, until it hits exchanges.

2. About ICO

For everyone who wants to invest we’ll implement the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Crypto currency sent by investors at the offering will be used for building and promoting the Angelium platform.     

3. ICO Schedule

The offering starts at 00:00 (SGT) on March 30th, 2018 and ends at 23:59 (SGT) on July 31th, 2018. for each 0.05 BTC investors get 100 ANL. During the offering, we’ll be giving bonuses for early investors and bigger volume investors.

Time bonus has 5 phases. bonus will be declare every phase.


  • Each phase has 4,000,000 ANL limitation.
  • When each limit is reached , we move to next phase.
  • Who acquire 100 ANL will receive total of 200 ANL at Phase 1 = + 100 extra ANL as 100% of extra time bonus.


The extra bonus will be issued for higher volume Donator with following conditions. 

  • Greater than 0.3BTC = 10%
  • Greater than 0.6BTC = 20%
  • Greater than 1.0BTC = 30%
4. Breakdown of Initial share

We will be offering maximum of 10 million ANL to investors, and the ICO will be closed as soon as the limit is reached. Th following is the coin allocation:

  • 20 million ANL = Investors participating in the ICO
  • 20 million ANL = Angelium Team Members
  • 20 million ANL = Business expansions, partnerships,Deposits for Emergencies

The remaining 54 million ANL will be subject to mining, and new Proof of work.

5. Basic Information
  • Name Angelium
  • Currency symbol ANL
  • Block chain Litecoin base + Proof of Work (Rendering + Streaming)
  • Maximum cap 84 million ANL
  • Offering price 1 ANL = 0.0005 BTC
  • Minimum purchase 0.05 = 100 ANL
  • ICOMaximum cap 20 million ANL
6. Listing Exchange policy

In accordance to applicable laws and team member’s criteria, ANL will be listed on top Crypto Currency exchanges.

7. Fund Allocation

The funds obtained in the ICO will be used as follows:

  • Development and update of the Angelium platform.
  • Development and update of the Angelium wallet.
  • Development and update of the virtual currency Angelium.
  • Development and update of the Angelium child token.
  • Enrichment of content displayed on Angelium platform.
  • Partnership and M & A with companies considered crucial for the development of Angelium platform.
  • PR and marketing of services related to Angelium.
  • Establishment of a strong foundation.
  • Listing the coin in appropriate virtual currency exchange.
  • Improvement of the platform’s costumer support.
  • Development of international finance and legal system.
  • Proactively recruiting people that will successfully help us complete the tasks mentioned above.
  • Social contributions such as improvement of industry environment and easily accessible sex education in specific areas of need. 
8. Notation during the offering period

The Angelium core team members shall have the right to start using a portion of the funds obtained from investors during the offering period in order to facilitate the smooth promotion of the project.

9. Geneis Donator’s privileges

Only those who participated during the offering period will be recognized as Investors, and will receive various benefits before and after completion of the project.

  • Every time when Angel’s child token is issued, Genesis Donators will be notified beforehand.
  • Genesis Donators will be given a priority to opportunities such as future bonuses, air drops, and possible future forks.
  • Extra time bonus and volume bonus will be issued.

These privileges will only be available to those who will participate in The Initial Coin Offering.


1. ANGELIUM Executive Committee

The ANGELIUM team, found in 2017, has a deep knowledge and understanding of this project and has skills an achievements n various fields of expertise necessary for its implementation. In the USA, one of our team member has been working in Block chain industry from the beginning of bitcoin, succeeded in applying it to 3D space technology, 3D design and 3D art in the movie “MATRIX”. Japanese team member who has led top manufacturers of Adult Industry for 15 years, boasts with top sales of Adult VR and is highly familiar with Cybersex know-hows. Korean team members who has successfully led an ICO, and are leading a team specialized in marketing to China.

2. Core members
Rio Takeshi Kubo (Founder)

Internationally awarded entertainment producer. Successfully led 4 world tours, with over 200 performances. Has been awarded “Ex-emperor family International cultural award”. Has worked on productions of well-known movies, dramas, games, and animations.

Brett Hartshorn (Chief Technical Officer)

Blockchain based 3D rendering, streaming, proof of work technology, full web integrated wallet inventor and developer. 3D artist/special effects artist for Movie “MATRIX”, “Bless the child” and many more.

Tomoki Taki (Chief Content Officer)

Owner of the best selling Japanese VR adult video label. The owner of 6 top Japanese Adult video labels with multi- million dollar sales. More than 15 years of experience in the adult industry.  Owner of numerous businesses related to A.I. and Food & Beverage.

Ma Yue(Chief Marketing Officer in Chinese area)

Vice President/China’s Representative of Asian New Industry Promotion Association of Japan, China & Korea. Owner of many franchise agencies and investment institutions.

Kevin Chang(Chief Marketing Officer in Korea area)​

Graduated from POSTECH chemistry department. He is working as a promoter of many famous Artists such as: Big Bang, Park Shin Hye, Park Hee Jin, and many more. CMO of leading IT-based businesses for over 15 years.

Julio Sachs (Lead Game Engineer)

Graduated from UCSD physics department. Physical algorithm and computation specialist in the game field, Peer to Peer Web based 3D video data expert.


About future prediction

The road map and development timeline of the project described in this white paper is scheduled at the present moment and there is a possibility that Angelium’s future performance and the value fluctuation forecast of this token may differ greatly from the information outlined in this white paper. This white paper does not guarantee any future value of Angelium.

Risks to realization

Every Donator should understand an agree that Crypto currencies and tokens are not securities. No government agency recognizes them as securities and they shouldn’t be handled as such. 

Understanding virtual currency

Donator recognizes, understands and agrees with the fact that the virtual currency and tokens are not securities, that they are not registered as securities against any government agency, that such handling is not done We shall assume.

Risks due to laws and taxation changes

Currently, the laws and taxation system related to ICO, virtual currency and tokens is fluctuating. In the future, due to changes in laws, regulations, tax system or policy etc., the ICO is forbidden, restricted or strengthened for taxation, etc. This virtual currency, possession of the token and transactions are restricted or it can be handled more disadvantageous than the current situation There is sex, in this case, unexpected loss may occur in the donator.

Uncertainties concerning regulation

Block chain technology, virtual currency technology, our technology is relatively new technology or field, it can be subject to supervision and management of various regulatory bodies around the world. Also, the situation may change rapidly. Therefore, the virtual currency may be subject to requests and actions by these agencies. This includes, but is not limited to, the virtual currency, restrictions on the use and possession of this token. In this case, the function of future Angelium platform may be adversely affected or the function may be restricted.

Risk of being a new industry sector

Block chain technology, this virtual currency and token, cryptographic currency technology, etc. are new and technologies that have not yet progressed. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are additional risks that we can not predict at the moment. These risks may appear differently than the risks described in this document.

Regarding purchase and possession

By retaining the ownership of this virtual currency and token, Donetar will acquire the virtual currency Angelium, the Angelium platform, the Angelium executive committee, the corporation participating therein, the Angelium foundation to be founded in the future, or other You can not obtain any rights, interests, authorities, interests or dividends in whole or in part for any property related to Angelium.

Refund Policy

For the funds gathered by the donation, the executive committee issues ANL to Donator, recorded in the Angelium block chain and its existence is proved. After that, you can not refund donation funds under any reason or circumstance.

Closing risk

In addition, if the execution committee terminates or dissolves for reasons unavoidable, in the event that the virtual currency and token are subject to destruction or collection, in the event that the role of this virtual currency and token expires, Receiving income or other payments or dividends is not committed.

This virtual currency is not an investment property

This virtual currency is not an officially recognized or legally binding binding investment property. If unforeseen circumstances occur, the goals described in this document may change. People and organizations who do donation will be responsible at their own risk.

Absence of guarantee on income or profit

There is no guarantee that the value of this virtual currency and tokens will rise. There is no guarantee that the price of this virtual currency and token will not fall due to unexpected reasons, events beyond the control of the developer, significant changes in the virtual currency market, real economic market, other force majeure etc.

Risks inherent in issued Crypto currency and tokens

This virtual currency and tokens are not fiat currencies such as (US$ , KRW , JPY ). Also, the value is not guaranteed by a specific individual, corporation, and organization. In addition, there is a possibility that the risk exists in this crypto currency or the token itself, such as a bug in the program.

Price fluctuation risk

In general, the price of the virtual currency depends on the performance of the virtual currency issuer or the success or failure of the business plan, the trend of other markets such as prices, foreign exchange markets, securities markets, natural disasters, war, political change, It may be affected by dissemination of similar virtual currencies etc, other future unexpected events and special events. Among them, as virtual risks in virtual currency and tokens, business plans of those issuers do not progress as expected or are stalled, or due to poor management, the virtual currency held by the virtual currency holder and the token There is a possibility that the value falls significantly below purchase consideration or it becomes worthless. Also, please understand that there are no private or public insurance institutions that virtual currency holders can seek assistance.

Liquidity risk

Depending on the market trends of the virtual currency and the volume of transactions, transactions become impossible or difficult, or it may be forced to trade at significantly disadvantageous prices. If the value of this virtual currency is not guaranteed by a specific person, the value of this virtual currency may be lost by losing liquidity.

Network risk

In the transaction of virtual currency, transactions will not be established until a sufficient transaction confirmation (authentication of the transaction in the block chain) is completed, and the hold state will continue for a certain time, so that sufficient transaction confirmation can be taken in the network , There is a possibility that the customer’s transaction is not reflected in the address managed by the customer, or the customer’s transaction may be canceled. The virtual currency is electronically recorded and its relocation is done on the network, so there is a danger of loss.

About child tokens

The platform does not assume any responsibility or obligation on the obligation owed by the creator of the child token to the person who purchased their child token on this platform. This platform is only an intermediary between the creator of child tokens and their supporters. We do not guarantee the service content claimed by campaign creator.

Possibility of influence from child token creator

The child token creator is a real individual and we are not involved or responsible for any involvement in the actions, situations, changes in the environment, actions that touch the law, etc., of the individual. Also, if the creator falls under a bad situation, there is a risk that the child’s token of the concerned person and the virtual currency are greatly affected, and those values ​​of supporters will be affected.


Updates and changes may be made to this platform, specifications of this virtual currency, mounting functions, etc. without advance notice in the future.

Risks due to future technological innovation

There are risks that this crypto currency is greatly affected by its value or exposed to crisis due to large scale innovation that can occur in the future (such as quantum computers).

Risks of cyber attack

We are preparing for cyber attack with the best security technology, but in case there is a large scale attack at an altitude exceeding that, and by doing them against Doneta, account authentication information etc There is a risk that the leaks and the token possessed by Doneta are sent without notice.

Risks related to Litecoin

This virtual currency is designed based on the Litecoin block chain. Therefore, due to a failure or malfunction of the Litecoin protocol, the transaction network of this crypto currency may not function as expected. There is a possibility that this crypto currency may be affected to a large extent, such as when a serious bug is found in the Litecoin block chain.

Other risks (but not limited to the following)

In the payment for doing donation, there is a possibility that a third party may impersonate the virtual currency issuer, etc., display an unauthorized virtual currency address, and fraud the virtual currency to be paid by Donator.

In order to do something to the contents written in this manual, you need to fully understand the above and be responsible at your own risk. Also, if you do a donation, the contents of this book are all understood.


Angelium Block Chain

Based on Litecoin block chain, original block chain technology built by adding new functions necessary for Angelium platform.

Angelium Platform

Angelium Economy system platform that generically refers to wallet and various functions built in it.

Virtual World ANGELIUM

Angelium Wallet and the name of the 3D virtual space built in it. It is written in capital letters.

Crypto Currency Angelium(ANL)

A Crypto currency planned to be used as a means of global settlement on this platform and offline online in the real world.


It is a real existence of the real world, in some cases it is a prominent actress of the adult industry and refers to a person who provides services on this platform

Angel Token(Child Token)

An original token with the name of Angel issued by each Angel. Only ANL can be exchanged, and by using it, various services of the Angel can be received.

Angel Avator

Chractor Angel in 3D space. Basically it is designed based on 3D scanning and modeling of Angel.

Angelium Executive Committee

The highest decision making committee established to plan and implement this project.

Angelium Foundation

The name of the foundation scheduled to be established by the Angelium Executive Committee to transfer its fund management function.


The name of the person who agrees with this project and carries out donation.

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